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  Is My Cooler Recalled?

Step 1  - Verify that your cooler was manufactured by Elkay Manufacturing Company.

If your cooler was manufactured by Elkay, there is a specification label located at the bottom of the cooler's back side. Verify that Elkay Manufacturing Co. is listed as the manufacturer.

If you have any problem finding the label click here for more help.

Step 2  - Locate your Serial Number.

Write down the complete Serial Number that appears on the specification label described in Step 1.  (Include all leading zeros and letters)

Step 3  - Enter your Serial Number.

Enter the serial number you recorded in Step 2 into the Serial Number field below and click "Next".  

  *Note: If you own more than one cooler manufactured by Elkay, please follow Steps 1 through 3 for each additional cooler.

Serial Number :